Travis Plumbing

Leaks? No problem.

We are a full-service, licensed and insured plumbing company that has been in business since 2008. No matter how small or how large your plumbing problem, our experienced and professional technicians have a fix for you.

Backflow Testing

Backflow prevention devices are required to be inspected annually to protect potable water. Give us a call to schedule your appointment.

Water Submetering

Reduce variable utility costs, encourage conservation, and increase property value by installing water submeters on your  multi-tenant property.

Plumbing Repair

We are a licensed and insured full service plumbing company. Call today for a quote.


Certified technicians to provide monitoring and service of Inovonics systems.

Drain Cleaning

Full service drain cleaning with camera and high pressure water jet.

Next Century

Certified technicians to provide installation, monitoring, and service of Next Century systems.